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Enjoy eating at an authentic delicatessen! Since 2006, O’BRIEN’S DELI has served customers in and near Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with tasty menu items that are made from the freshest ingredients. We also sell meats and cheeses that you can purchase by the pound. To provide you with quality products every time, all of our meats and cheeses are delivered to us straight from Boar’s Head.

Locally owned O’Brien’s Deli is a staple in the Triad food scene. Their success over the last 14 years is attributable to high quality ingredients, freshly crafted food, attentive staff, and authenticity, and high value.

O’Brien’s is very proud to serve some of the very best sandwiches in the Triad, and is well known as “THE HOME OF THE REUBEN”. O’Brien’s Reuben is one of the Triad’s favorite sandwiches — and with good reason! It’s made with 1/2 lb of Boars Head first cut corned beef brisket stacked high on rye with swiss cheese, sauerkraut, deli mustard and Russian dressing. Also frequently featured is their Cuban sandwich, with marinated and roasted in-house pork shoulder, ham, swiss cheese, dill pickles and deli mustard pressed on a 8″ hero roll, and their Turkey Melt sandwich, with turkey and provolone on grilled whole wheat with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and deli mustard.

O’Brien’s Deli serves lunch and dinner, dine-in or take-out, and their food and service doesn’t end there. If you’re hungry, but pressed for time, they have in-house online ordering and delivery. You can pick up your order or they will bring it to you directly.

O’Brien’s has invested significant time and expertise into developing our catering menu, and are very pleased to be serving more and more customers through the catering side of our business. Please check out the link below to our catering menu, which is built around a number of our own recipes, such as our Signature Stuffed Shells and our Signature Chicken, which we consider to be….. A Masterpiece. We also offer many other delicious chicken, Italian, and beef dishes – any one of these makes a beautiful main course for your event. Call us soon, we look forward to having your special event on our calendar!

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