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Darrell Coltrane
Brian Ricciardi

Mozzarella Fellas, a locally owned pizza and Italian restaurant, opened its doors at Winston-Salem’s North Summit Square shopping center in April 2016. Owners and chefs Darrell Coltrane and Brian Ricciardi have brought everything to the table – their experience, passion for food, attention to detail and desire for quality. And they use all of it to create their very unique approach to the classic Italian eatery.

Choose from among the Fellas many specialty pies or build your own. The dough — and the mozzarella — are made fresh daily. Many ingredients are local. Be sure to try the other entrées, appetizers, and desserts. There are also many vegan options on the menu. The staff knows the foods well, and how to serve them. If you’re in Winston-Salem and find yourself hungering for a special take on Italian fare, go north, my friend, go north.

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