Miss Ora’s Kitchen

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miss ora's kitchen

Vivian Joiner &
Chef Stephanie Tyson

Miss Ora’s Kitchen is a new eatery offering by Sweet Potatoes owners Vivian Joiner and Chef Stephanie Tyson. Heritage recipes by Chef Stephanie’s grandmother, Ora Porter, for pan-fried chicken and more are the inspiration behind this locally owned restaurant on Trade St. in downtown Winston-Salem. Quick service, take out, and a small menu of mouth-watering food prepared in the Southern tradition of love for family and friends are the focus here. There’s also a small seating area for those who want to eat-in.

Lovingly prepared pan-fried chicken is at the center of the menu. You can get individual legs, thighs, and breasts served with a sweet potato biscuit. Or order a 3-piece box lunch, which includes one side item and a biscuit. Side item choices are ‘tator salad, pinto beans, slaw, greens, and potato wedges. Also available are buttermilk deep-fried wings, chicken fingers, or chicken livers and gravy.

If you are looking for delicious, down-home Sunday dinner love, Miss Ora’s is the place to find it.

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