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Foothills Brewpub




Shane Moore


Jamie Bartholomaus

A place to gather – that’s what a pub, short for “public house,“ was originally meant to be. A place you can meet your friends, catch up on the latest, maybe hear a little music — all while enjoying the convivial repast of food and drink. That’s our goal at Foothills — great food, great beer, great atmosphere. Come visit us.

Locally owned Foothills Brewpub features all the highly regarded hand-crafted beers devised and brewed in Winston-Salem by owner and brewmaster Jamie Bartholomaus. We also offer a perfectly fitted menu developed by Chef Shane Moore, who has created some of the most innovative pub cuisine in this part of the country. The menu at Foothills uses trans fat-free oil in all recipes and food preparation.

We also frequently have stellar live music so please come join us, and all your friends, for some exceptional beer and fantastic food.

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