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Finn M’Coul is an Irish folk hero — a cross between King Arthur and Paul Bunyan. At a time when Irish knights were running rampant, he brought honor and courage back to the knighthood. His life of adventure began as a boy when he accidentally tasted the Salmon of Knowledge. In many tales, he appears as a giant and a genius, outwitting his foes and performing heroic deeds.

M’Coul’s Public House features indoor and outdoor dining, bars, an upper deck with a beautiful view of Downtown, and a children’s menu. Locally owned, we are located in the back of the Hamburger Square building on the northwest corner of Elm and McGee Streets in historic downtown Greensboro. The entrance is through the patio. We prepare everything from scratch and serve food all day, from 11:30 am until close.

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To Make A Reservation call 336.378.0204.

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